Skillful Singer Olivia Rose Wallace Impresses With ‘BLACK MAGIK’

OLIVIA ROSE WALLACE an up and coming singer and songwriter who was born and raised in a town outside of Flint Michigan. While singing she gives it all to the song. Often she performs with her eyes closed and you can hear the emotion in her songs. That shows her love for the art of music.

She has a unique accent that’s unmatchable and heart touching. She is also known for her Angelic high notes and soulful jazzy lows. Even her debut tracks got appreciation from music lovers and other music artists as well. Since releasing her debut track on Soundcloud, she has been approached by numerous trap, hip hop and rap artists for song collaborations. Once you will listen to her tracks you will agree as well that she deserves such attentions and appreciation.

Her latest track Black Magic is also worth listening to. Beautiful Lyrics, melodious music combined with her heart touching voice makes it a pure piece of art. Once you will listen to this track I am sure you will be impressed by her sheer talent as well.

And there is good news for her fans. Currently Olivia is working on her upcoming EP which promises to be a reflection of her true self, stating “I’m keeping it chill, relaxed and heartfelt”. One to follow for sure. We will keep you updated and once its release surely it will be up here for you as well. Meanwhile enjoy the ‘Black Magik’


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