Soprano : A Very Talented Vocal Coach

Vocal Coach is the one who polishes a voice into proper singing tone and is the reason behind the success of a singer. We recently had an opportunity of meeting a vocal coach in NL named Soprano. She has a private studio and also teaches online. She has a healthy teaching technique that’s why her teaching business is growing day by day. So we had a conversation with her to know the secret of her success and to know a little more about her vocal coaching.

Twist Online: First Tell us a little about your past and your start in music.
Soprano : I have studied classical and contemporary dance. Since the age of 3 I perform and I was part of theatrical teams.
At the age of 17 I discovered my passion for singing. I have studied classical singing in Florence
Italy, i gained my BA in Music. I have completed music theory and piano studies. In 2014 I gained my Diploma in Vocal Coaching, and in contemporary singing techniques.
I am a certified Yoga for Singers trainer.

Twist Online: From where or from whom you took your singing training?
Soprano : I had amazing teacher such us: Chrysa Economaki, Nikos Pagounis, Susanna Rigacci, Valentin Jar, Liesbeth Damen, Ria Keen.
I trained at Nakas Conservatory, AEDF, VIDLA.

Twist Online: What was the idea behind starting vocal coaching ?
Soprano : I really want to share my passion and help other people who love singing to succeed.

Twist Online: Are you inspired of someone in music industry?
Soprano : I love Maria Callas…My teachers though were my true inspiration for me.

Twist Online: What kind of singing technique you usually teach to your students?
Soprano : bel canto…

Twist Online: What’s your favorite singing style ?Rock, Pop, Classic or any other?
Soprano : I do love Classical music…but I hear everything…Every song has a a story, this story has to be heard.

Twist Online: Have your performed yourself too at some event or anywhere?
Soprano : I do perform. usually in theaters, events, venues.

Twist Online : We came to know you also teach online? Is it easy to teach online?
Soprano : I discovered the amazing world of online teaching a year ago. I am amazed of how big the demand is and also how w
well it works. It is easy and very convenient.

Twist Online : What’s your goal in life?
Soprano : To be a positive person full of love and light…

Twist Online : If someone want to trained by you how they can contact you?
Answer :  They can visit my website  I always respond within 24 hours.

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