Stephanie Harris talks about her life and music

We are sharing our recent interview with talented and inspiring
Stephanie Harris.

Twist Online : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers.
Stephanie Harris :
My name is Stephanie Harris and I’m an Entrepreneur, born and raised in Washington, DC. I work as a Tax Consultant and Life Coach. I attended District of Columbia and Prince George’s Community College. I am a mother of four and a grandma of seven. I consider myself a religious comedy writer. Not so religious that I won’t use some good old fashion french words on you, when I absolutely need to. I have written several books available on Amazon. I love turning ideas into great creations, from writing books to inventions. Many of my ideas come from prayers and life experiences. I have held many jobs from working for the government to bartending and each one taught me something. My greatest love of all, is helping others and seeing them smile.

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to get into music industry?
Stephanie Harris :
I really had no plans on getting into the music industry. I’ve always had dreams of learning to play the guitar and I actually got one for my birthday. One day, I’ll learn how to play and I hope very soon, but everytime I pull it out…I get another grandchild happy to pop the strings, so back in the closet it goes. OMG! I just remembered, I got another grandchild 2 months ago. Maybe, if someone else babysit for a few hours, I can take lessons somewhere else. Blessed I am…love my grandbabies.
Twist Online : Tell us about your recent release “Get It In While You Can”?
Stephanie Harris :
My true inspiration in making this song, came from singing these same lyrics to many other songs, played at parties and clubs. For years I sung, “Get it in while you can!” These lryics just fit somewhere in any song and I would actually sing so loud, others would join in. I kept telling myself, “One day…yes…one day, I’m going to make these lyrics into a real song and get it played on the radio.” Today, it’s here and it’s real.

Twist Online : What kind of response you have received from the release so far?
Stephanie Harris :
People seem to love the song. I received over 4,800 views in 24 hours after placing in Distrokid. It is now on the radio in every country around the world. It was just released 3 days ago, so… I’m looking forward to more responses.

Twist Online : What was the inspiration behind writing this track?
Stephanie Harris :
The inspiration in writing this track, was waiting too long on my son to do it for me. I kept asking him, his cousin, and friends to do the song, because they were into making rap songs and shooting videos. After years of waiting, I decided to write down the lyrics and have someone make it for me. Mr. Patrick Peyton at Pittipad Studios, gladly decided to help me and I happily signed my first contract.

Twist Online : What’s your favorite music genre?
Stephanie Harris :
I love R&B dance music. I can dance to almost any song, someone plays. I actually, become theatrical and look forward to dancing with the craziest dancing partner in the room. I love to put on performances and entertain others, when I dance. By the time a record ends, all eyes are on my partner and I. I’m not talking ballet, but actually, comedy… demonstrating what a song is really saying. I probably should have been an actress. The only problem is, after the performance, all the woman congratulate me in amazement, because many needed to laugh. But, now… the men… are scared to death…to dance with me, because I can out dance them. I think is more so, the confidence I have in my abilities to be so creative and funny, is mind blowing; or could I be a possible threat to their inteligents or dancing abilities? lol

Twist Online : Have you set some goals to achieve?
Stephanie Harris :
I have many goals to achieve, under my company name, Something Useful, Inc. I am eager to promote my Life Coaching business at I’m looking forward to several movie deals for my books and scripts I have written, available now on Amazon. I designed an interactive football party game, at which is being marketed to toy manufacturers. Under the unberalla of Something Useful, Inc. I intend to launch several other business proposals in the makings. Something Useful, Inc., wants to offer something useful, for the world to enjoy and share.
Books available now on Amazon:

  1. The Wonders of Monkey Mac – It’s a comedy book for kids between the ages of 9-13 yrs. It’s about a monkey raised as a human in a scientific experiment and the challenges he faces being smarter than some humans. Based on a go-cart adventure, where the monkey and the kids, learn lessons in faith, hope and love.
  2. How to find God in 3 Hours – Is the Bible confusing? Suppose you only had 24 hours to live? I’ll get you to God in 3 hours. Just be ready for the straight up truth.
  3. An Actual Conversation between God and Satan – Wouldn’t like to know how God and Satan communicate? What they say about us? Do they argue, fuss or fight? Read this comedy and you’ll learn some things, you never thought of before.

Twist Online : What up next? More music coming soon?
Stephanie Harris :
I would love to write more music. Learning to sale it, is a whole nother ball game. The problem is… I can’t sing, but I can write like no other. I am more likely to become a song writer at this time. Something I never ever thought about before. It’s just a blessing from God to be able to bring ideas to life. To him, I give all thanks.

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