The Attributions needed in your career to make it!!!!

Elijah sommerz is a modern day Talent Manger that has a few tips on how to gain exposer and how to promote your music.
Adroitness, attribution ,consistency , dedication is still domination —in the hip hop business musicians these days have to do more than just play, sing, or rhyme says Elijah sommerz .
You have to promote yourself to the hip hop culture.
All that extra work might sound terrifying (and expensive) at the start of your career but eventually it will pan out – until you discover how easy when you have a talent manger to assist you with your needs of your career.
Always remember that all of your hard work pays off, sure! But in reality, just because you’re “working hard” by your definition doesn’t ultimately guarantee you career or financial success. It just doesn’t work that way. What does work, though, is making sure you work smarter, not harder. Do work that is directly related to your goal, and make sure you’re making yourself accountable for making progress in the right direction.

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Headquarters: Toronto, ON
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Founded 2016
Type Company – Private
IndustryTalent & Modelling Agencies

Article edited by MS Vivaan Bazsri Reyansh2016

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