The Boss With No Morals by ChrisdaCEO

ChrisdCEO is a real multi-talented. A Musician, Artist, Producer, All Around Engineer at Dreams Building Greatness (D.B.G) Records. CEO Of DReaM TeaM Entertainment™. He has been making exceptional making loved by his fans and praised by music critics.

The Boss With No Morals by ChrisdaCEO is the recent addition to his music releases. A Mixtape consisting 16 tracks (2 tracks as bonus included). The tape grabs the attention right from the first track to the very end. Mixtape features some big names such as  Wiz Khalifa, Misa, EC Marv, King Quawn & J.E Da Werido. Everyone played his part exceptionally well.

Although the complete mixtape is worth listening and its a tough ask to point out a single track but as we always select the best out of the album/mixtape for all artist’s releases so from this mixtape we will go for “Nobody”. Their are plenty of reasons for going for the track. First of all the start of track starts is amazing. The song starts with a melodious and engaging tone. You will feel compelled to listen to the track.

The singer has a dynamic and inspiring voice and it has a strong vocal projection. The track is simply done and not overly complex. The chorus is impressive, the pitch range varies, making it rich and engaging. The song definitely is professional and creative. We find it extremely good and the singer has talent and the music, lyrics and production everything has been done exceptionally well in this track. Overall its a fun listening to the music and I am sure you would put it to repeat mode. Not only this track but all other tracks are so much entertaining as well.

So this Mixtape is highly recommended from our Team. For further info on the artist and for updates you can follow him on. And you should stay updated as his upcoming project Legacy 2 “Regular Season” on Holloween will be a full time entertainment for sure.




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