The Christian Stoner

“The Christian Stoners” revealing the recent transition in the band and their future plans

Hi we are back with another interview with a very talented band The Christian Stoners. The Christian Stoners are Dez’Mon Omega Fair, Kailee McGee and Coleman Moore. And that’s our conversation with them. Hopefully you will enjoy it.

Twist Online : First Tell us a little about the starting of The Christian Stoners Band.
The Christian Stoners : The band came together pretty organically about a year and a half ago while we were singing together at a camping trip at Leo Carrillo beach in Malibu. It was just the four of us, and we were eating hotdogs around the campfire. It was a very special night.

Twist Online : What was the idea behind choosing the name “The Christian Stoners”?
The Christian Stoners : We each came up with one name for the band, and “The Christian Stoners” was the best one. It was Coleman’s suggestion.

Twist Online : Your fans are anxious to know about recent transition in number of your band members?
The Christian Stoners : Yes. We have been going through some difficult times, but we are ready to officially announce that Weston Westenborg is leaving the band. He has refused to comment on this decision at this time, and we leave it up to him to release any statements in the future or not.

Twist Online : One member less in band. Will it effect the band in any context?
The Christian Stoners : Dez’Mon is taking over Weston’s responsibilities, and he is learning to play the keyboard. Being a band of three feels simpler but also complex because now there is an odd number. Three is a strong and religious number though, so it feels right.
The Christian Stoner
Twist Online : What’s the genre of your band? Jazz, RNB, Pop, Hip-Hop or?
The Christian Stoners : ✞ pub rock, techno-pop, christian, bubblegum ✞

Twist Online : Tell us more about your songs?
The Christian Stoners : Each of our songs are crafted to ignite inspiration in our listeners.

Twist Online : What’s your next goal to achieve?
The Christian Stoners : Right now we are rehearsing a lot. We are focusing on mastering the dynamic of the band with one less member and juggling how our sound will change or not.

Twist Online : Is there any project you are working on?
The Christian Stoners : We are working with some new photographers and stylists to help us find an indie/vibey look that feels authentic and true.

Twist Online : Are you on Social Media? Your fans would love to follow you.
The Christian Stoners : Yes! We love Facebook. You can check us out at

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