NYC indie rock festival

The NYC Indie Rock Festival

NYC’s premier indie rock show is celebrating its 10th anniversary on Friday September 8, 2017.

Celebrating ten years of great music, the NYC Indie Rock Festival returns on September 8 to the Bowery Electric in NYC. The lineup will be announced in mid-July and tickets go on sale in early August.

Over the years the NYC Indie Rock Festival has developed into the premier indie rock festival in NYC – proudly featuring the best and most innovative indie rock acts in NYC.

For our 10th anniversary, we’re moving the event from the rooftops of Brooklyn into Manhattan at the Bowery Electric. The Festival will take place on Friday September 8, 2017.
About the NYC Indie Rock Festival

It all started on a roof top in Greenpoint, Brooklyn near McCarron park back in 2007. A few friends who couldn’t piece together enough cash to get into a music festival being held at the McCarron pool decided that they would hold their own concert on their roof. So they pieced together a PA from the equipment that they had, invited a few bands they knew, and bought a keg of Rheingold. And that end of summer jam session gradually grew in popularity over time. The event really took off a few years later as a number of indie rock giants and celebrities began stopping by to play a few songs. It has now become a must attend event for every indie rock fan in the Northeast. For more information, please email


About the Bowery Electric

The Bowery Electric, a rock bar opened in the former Remote Lounge space, is a straightforward affair with a hell of a pedigree. Located on the cusp of Manhattan’s lower east side, the Bowery Electric has become the go to place in NYC to hear live music. 327 Bowery, New York, NY 10003.

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