Tom Rawling’s Old Ladies Peep Show Is Coming To Town

Brad Geiger, author of the groundbreaking work Suggestions For Automatics, is releasing a musical album titled Tom Rawling’s Old Ladies Peep Show.


Brad Geiger is a musical artist that draws inspiration from a wide variety of influences. Rock & Roll, Hip Hop, Dance, Classical and Jazz music all provide depth to his tone repertoire. A product of the Los Angeles Indie / DIY music scene, Brad has focused his talents for the lightning quick release of an album showcasing his many styles of songs. This album is inspired by a book Brad is writing (this will be his fourth!), which is An Encyclopedia Of Time Traveling Criminals, and features, as song titles, the names of people that are ancestors of the main individuals who are the subjects of that work.


Rock Music Society is releasing this album for general distribution starting summer 2018.


“An exciting musical exploration that knows no creative limits and refuses to be bound to genre definitions.”

-The Band Camp Diaries


“Fully rhythmic, hypnotic musical journeys”

-Rebecca Cullen, Stereo Stickman


“Brad Geiger has echoed much farther than one might expect.”



The album covers vast musical ground, carrying influences towards an ultra-modern interpretation of classical themes – this is the new definition of the modern symphony!


Fans are encouraged to stream the album using their favorite streaming service, prior to its arrival in stores. They can also reach out to the artist on social media portals, such as Facebook and Tumblr.


Honed through years of musical study, Brad’s craft has reached stratospheric heights and enabled him to produce phenomenal work in extremely short amounts of time.


Brad grew up living in 7 towns in The US, and went to high school at Reno High School in Reno, Nevada. He is a counselor alumnus of the famous Tumbleweed Day Camp in Los Angeles, California. Brad spent many years traveling in America, Europe, and Australia. After living overseas for 3 years, Brad Geiger is back in The United States, and very excited to continue his musical career stateside.

He now lives in Le Claire, Iowa, near Antique Archeology, home of the American Pickers.


Look for Tom Rawling’s Old Ladies Peep Show at major retailers soon!



Twitter: @TheBradGeiger


For More Information Contact:


Brad Geiger

Organization: Rock Music Society

(563) 726-1408


Or write to:


Rock Music Society

7 Blackstone Way

Le Claire, IA 52753


Tom Rawling’s Old Ladies Peep Show can be found at:


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