“Upside Down World” by Tabitha Elkins – Just Superb!!

Singer­Songwriter and multi­instrumentalist Tabitha Elkins has recently released new CD, “Upside Down World”, with the singles such as “Edge of Nowhere”, “Bitter Blues” and “Captain Kirk”.

“Upside Down World”,  features originals, including new version of viral Youtube hit, “Candyland”. The Album was produced by rapper/producer Steffen Jurkat and is being released on Mind Guard Records.

The album features ten new original songs ranging from upbeat pop to gritty, wistful or trippy sounds, including new version of viral Youtube hit, “Candyland”. Tabitha played most instruments herself, but also recruited musicians hired from the trendy website “” for ukelele, guitar solos and drums.

The self-­penned songs are a quirky blend of various serious and not so serious themes. “Captain Kirk” is a sendup on the popular phrase, “Beam me up, there’s no intelligent life down here”, but “Candyland” deals with war and propaganda, while the blues ballad, “Blues for Jesus” is a gospel­ influenced prayer for a broken heart. The album features 60’s influenced songs such as the “Daisy Chain” and “I’ve Got Your Name Written On My Hand” and blues­driven soul such as “Edge of Nowhere” and “Gallows Pole Blues”.

This The latest project brings together various aspects of Tabitha’s style. Rock, blues, soul, classical and jazz meet in a retro future where all are one.

You can checkout her latest songs on soundcloud

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