URBANO talks about their recent release ‘Are You? ‘

Philadelphia brother and sister pop/hip hop duo. Combined by singer Marisa Urbano and rapper John Urbano, the group capitalizes on clever lyricism and upbeat hooks. Releasing their second single entitled, Are You? – along with 11 remixes of the single from Grammy producer StoneBridge, as well as DJ Kue, Axel Hall, Damien Hall, Greg Gatsby & Dragos, and BRO CODE. The single peaked already at #10 on two Top 100 charts on Beatport. The charts consisted of Hip Hop/R&B and Dance categories for Top 100 new releases. URBANO just released their music video for Are You? days ago, premiering on EDM Boutique

Twist Online : Are you from a music background? What was the inspiration behind getting into music?

Urbano : Marisa played piano for a few years but that’s about all the musical background we have had! We always listened to music together growing up in the same house. Listening to music brought us closer and showed us the true value of artistry. We both loved music so much and had a lot of passion to create our own songs. At the age of 16 John started recording music professionally in a studio, and thereafter I decided to follow in his footsteps! Once we both heard what we created, we were addicted and loved how it made us feel. Music is so important in our lives and that was the driving force behind both of us pursuing a career in music. The music culture is all about what feels good to you, what makes your heart sing and your soul happy. We want to spread all the love, and good vibes to others as we feel this is our purpose in life.
Twist Online : Do you compete or backup each other? By the way who is more talented ?

Urbano : We live together so we really try and never make it a competition, especially because we know it will hurt the music we are making. Although, we definitely uplift one another and help each other out not only in our music careers, but also as siblings and friends. The vibes are really important when making music for us. As far as talent, we are both equally as talented and feel blessed to be taking this journey together.

Twist Online : You recently released your second single “Are You”, Tell us about that?

Urbano : This track was inspired to help heal hearts that have been broken. There is such a healing quality to music, especially when you can relate to the experience the track signifies, creating meaning and perspective in that person’s life. The language of love is especially hard, as time has shown us this in all stages of our lives. If there has ever been a tragic or drastic moment that has bottled up these difficult feelings, this is your song to let the bottle burst. This song is to show those who have lost love that they are truly not alone. Feeling our emotions is the very essence of being human, and can do wonders for the soul.
Twist Online : Your track already got into top 10 charts, You must be very excited?

Urbano : Yes! We feel very blessed to have gotten on two of the Top 100 Beatport new release charts. Breaking into the top 10 really makes our hearts happy as our goal is to effect people in a positive way with our music.

Twist Online : You have released the music video of “Are You”. How is the response?

Urbano : So far so good! We were able to premiere the video on EDM Boutique, so we were really excited about that. It was released only 3 days ago and we have about 6K+ views! We had a really overwhelmingly supportive response on social media with people reposting, sharing and commenting how much like the video. We realize not everyone will like our style, but we really appreciate the people who do support and love our music. It means the world to us. For anyone who might want to check it out.

Twist Online : What’s your next target? Any further project you are working on?

Urbano : We are working on our next album and collaborating with other artists and producers!

Twist Online : What do you enjoy more, working in studios or performing on stage?

Urbano : John likes to record in the studio more and Marisa likes to perform more. But we both feel that the studio is like a home away from home at this point and we LOVE to go there. We record at the Milkboy Studios in Philadelphia and they have treated us nothing short of family. The vibes there have definitely brought us happiness and created the perfect environment for the songs we have created.

Twist Online : Do you feel being a brother sister duo you have some pluses other don’t have?

Urbano : The one big plus we feel we have is that we know each other in and out – it really helps building songs together and picking instrumentals. We also live together so it helps time wise – sometimes we just throw on a beat and boom – we make a song unintentionally.

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