Versatile artist St. Geo releases new Album”STEAM”

St. Geo is one of those artist who put there all efforts in making music. Passion and dedication is the key to his success. Even though he went through some tough times, both in personal and professional lives, but he never gave up. And his recent album “STEAM” covers the same theme. It’s about artist’s personal struggle with power, drive, and relationships.

“STEAM” is a pure power pack. This 7 tracks album has the versatility in all aspects. From slow to fast tempo, from sad to happy theme, there are moods and modes perfectly presented in this album. He delves into themes of societal isolation and the desire for connectivity. “STEAM” has been flawlessly woven together with deep bass lines and his distinct flow. There is not a single track we would say we had skipped. Each track has it’s own elements of attraction.

But the one that we liked the most is “Dangerous People”. Right from the start the song develops interest of the listener. Starting with a powerful tone it stays on high notes. Dangerous people, who are pretending to be your well wishers but in real they are the most harmful ones. The singer has a dynamic and powerful voice and it has a strong vocal projection. his power voice along with power pack music is a real attention grabber.

Taking the album overall, we find it extremely good and St. Geo has successfully proved his talent. The music, lyrics and production everything has been done exceptionally well in all the tracks. As the album is based on his personal experiences so through this album Geo brings his audience elements of unity in diversity and a sense of community … even while on their own paths.

“STEAM” is out now on all streaming platforms. Follow St. Geo on Instagram for news and updates.

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