ViiB releases his first track ‘I Feel Lit’

A talented up and coming artist ‘ ViiB ‘ has recently released his first single on soundcloud titled ‘I Feel Lit’. A beautiful track worth listening. Here is what he has to say about his music journey and this melodious track.

” I’d like to re-introduce myself to the industry. I got to a point where I did everything I thought I wanted to do. I built one of the most special studios in the world, hosted talent I only dreamed was possible and then put it all aside to follow my heart. I’ve learned how believing in myself and having a positive outlook really does create a ripple effect around me. I’ve forced myself to bring positive change to almost all aspects of my life in order to be able to create “feel good” music that, I believe, will inflict a transformation in our future’s culture.

Running my studio and working in the industry for my whole life, I started to see a trend of aggressive music that I truly believe has had a negative effect on our generation (from shootings, to mass depression and even increased anxiety). I didn’t want to be obvious and corny with my approach and almost without thought, my feel good funky music, was the perfect solution. It became apparent how infectious good vibes could be.
‘I Feel Lit’ is my first single, which you can find on Soundcloud as a free download “

You can also play lyric video on Youtube at
You can also find me on Instagram @viibmusic

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