‘Virtual Religion’ an inspiring album by Quadroon

Our readers are familiar with the capabilities and music skills of music artist Quadroon as we have been regularly updating our readers about his releases and activities since last couple of years. He has released some exciting projects last year including Album “∞”. His track ” Know That We Dont” also got attentions from music critics and his fans.

This 18 years old Long Beach California born hip hop artist certainly got talent to become a super star. And now he has come up with another inspiring Album titled ” Virtual Religion ” released on 1/1/20. The album is produced by The Ectosonics and recorded in Santa Cruz California by Ian Pillsbury at The Loudhouse.

Album got the potential to be a successful project. This 6 tracks album got all the ingredients of good music. Even though all the tracks are professionaly done without any loophole but the one I liked the most is the title track itself “Virtual Religion”.

This is a great song and performance. The melody is strong and tuneful. The singer has an attractive vocal tone, and puts real feeling into the lyrics. The lyrics are interesting and meaningful with some punchy phrases. Instrumentally, the song has a rich, full accompaniment that complements the vocal track perfectly. Great guitar solo too.

The performance quality is high throughout, both vocally and instrumentally. Overall, the Album is distinctive and original, and I think it has strong commercial potential.

Album Can be Found on All Platforms (Soundcloud and Spotify Links Below):

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