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Want to buy Audio CDs, DVDs at $1 ?

Yes its true! In today’s era when everything is so much costly there is a site named DollarMisfit which sells media, audio CDs, DVDs and video games for $1.00 each. The site has fix price of $1 per item throughout their site. And there isn’t any limit of how many items you can buy at maximum. You can buy as many as you like. Rather we would say buying more items will benefit you more. They have special package of fix shipping fee of $4.99 up to 50 items. Means the more you buy the lesser will cost the shipping.

Now you might be thinking what actually is available on the site. Mostly there are audio CDs, DVDs and other similar stuff from different era. Even some rare Music Albums are available for same $1 rate. Just like Memorial Album By Johnny Ace from 1987 or Fabulous 50S-1959 Album and plenty of more stuff like that. And some new albums and DVDs are also there.

There are other items like makeup, jewelry etc too but we focused on just audio and dvds as these were related to us. You can check the whole item list and chose and order for yourself whatever you like. Site has been around for a while we have purchased a number of times from them so you  will not face any kind of issue while shopping or in delivery etc. So its time to shop at the cheapest rate possible from

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