West Palm Beach Florida Rapper releases a new single named “The Promise”

An upcoming West Palm Beach Florida Rapper known as Lil Buez has just dropped a single called “The Promise”

In 2019, Lil Buez has been hard at work on on new music. He is a breath of fresh air in the music world – his music is driven by an unmatchable work ethic and undeniably catchy pop hooks. With “The Promise” specifically, Lil Buez touches a matter not alien to our lives.
“The Promise” is written about one of the biggest phenomena of our world. We make promises everyday. For some people the promises are made to be broken (such people are in majority) but there are a few who will even sacrifice their lives for the sake of keeping their promise
Lil Buez loves music. You can say it’s oxygen to him. His music sound like the bright, energic pop you love, but with an uncompromising edge. They’re the glittering soundtrack that plays over and over in your mind. But they’re also a message of empowerment for your life. Lil Buez believes in the power of music. It can help you rise above whatever life throws at you. He wants to share this message, this love of song, with everyone. Check it out.

He will be dropping the Official Music Video of the single soon

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