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What Should Go On The Custom Bass Drum Head?

When no one knows about your band, and even when you perform they quickly forget your name, you know you’ve got to do something about it. That’s when you decide to take it right down in the center and get your band name on the drum head.

Now no one’s going to forget who put on the great show. The kit will look fantastic, the drums sound great and the band’s getting busier with on and off-stage action. But, what exactly do you put on the drum head? What graphics send out a clear message that will leave a lasting impression, and be something that is worthy of your band?


What information should be present and how will it be displayed to have a significant visual impact on the audience?

First off, you should consider yourself a brand, and the image must represent this brand. Every aspect of your band and that includes the music you play, the way you dress, the personality of the members, the sound you carry – all represent the brand. These are all elements of that single brand, including the image you put on the drum head.

Now, most of the bands are just not famous enough to be recognized by a symbol. You put just the symbol, and the audience will not remember your name the next time round. This is also the case of established bands. There may be new audience members who are listening to the show the first time, and they like it, but they won’t be able to recall your band name from the symbol. So, keep in mind, that bands would do good if they put their name right out there in the front. This way, there is no excuse to forget.


Next up on our list of most important things you should put on the drum head is the place from where you’re from. People are known by places, and places by people. So, showcase and give some credit to your hometown. For Military Bands, Marching Bands, Competition Bands and others that tour the country, say it right on you’re from New York or Milwaukee. Be proud and don’t hold back.

This is especially true when playing in front of an international audience. And, if you have several bands hailing from the same part of the country, go more specific and mention the neighborhood.


Next comes the raison d’être. As a band, you must believe strongly in something. An existential ‘why’ that caused the band to group in the first place and form the unique style of your music. This is displayed as the design type on your custom bass drum head. This imagery shouts your ideal – it could be an icon like a shield or a theme.

Other than these, you can design your drum head for particular occasions like achievements and remembrances. Remember, the design, arrangement, fonts and the color combinations all must match with the message of your brand. For more ideas, get in touch with and we’ll get you the best designed, perfectly sounding custom bass drum head.

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