Who is this faceless Artist NEO 10Y ? Curiosity Increased

Have you heard of this faceless artist NEO 10Y? Whoever has viewed his controversial video is curious to know who he is. If you haven’t already seen it, give it a try and you will be completely obsessed with his music after seeing this weird and mildly fucked up film that he made where he has sex with and then literally sets Donald Trump’s face on fire…

NEO 10Y created a three-part film that centers on deleting or “killing” Trump from the public consciousness entirely, called “NEO 10Y v. NIHIL: The Kid That Killed Trump“. The film features three NEO 10Y tracks—”AMERIKKKA,” about realizing the errors of our ways; “JANIS,” about never giving up; and, “WILD WEST” about the future and disconnecting in order to connect. Although he has faced threats and criticism from Trump fans but still one can see how brave act it was to use music for political criticism.

You can listen to all these on soundcloud as well

Due to these increasing threats he still remain anonymous. All his pictures circulating on the internet are masked. But that’s sure within this mask their is a creative person. His recent track ‘Wild West’ is yet another example of his talent. Wild West’ is about addiction to technology and how we almost need to learn to live in 3D again, as humans.

That’s confirmed the curiosity of knowing who he is might not be disclosed so easily but another thing people will be waiting .. What he will be coming up with next ??

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