Young Palk impresses with french track ‘Elle’ featuring Bukaash

Artist and songwriter Young Palk has come up with an exciting french track “Elle”. Track also features Bukaash. Both of these artists along with their production team has impressed the music lovers and critics with this exciting number.

lyrics are well written and both vocalist have been able to put a life into these beautiful lines. You can judge from these lines from the track.

Htela bi da je svi znaju
Da kad prodje svi staju
Da pogledom je skidaju
Da paparazzi blicaju
Kakva je u krevetu svi da se pitaju
Kad ne mogu da je imaju
Novinari da se šlihtaju
Iza leđa pričaju
Psi laju dok vozovi prolaze
To svi znaju…
Htela bi i svoje i tvoje i moje (Htela bi)
Danas kuje vole zbog love (Elle a dit)

We are sure you will enjoy this track. Even if you don’t understand french, the music itself is inspiring.

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