YPH talks about his passion and love for music

We are sharing our recent interview with YPH who is talented and full of passion.

Twist Online : First of all tell us about the start of your music career.
” Well I’ve been playing music since a child it’s big in my family, i started playing in bands around the age of 13 but always had an assortment of instruments to experiment with, I grew up close to my grandfather who was a singer in popular band locally in the 60’s ( Gerry Holley and the Brunswick Playboys ) and my Great Uncle was Charles Hardin Holley ( Buddy Holly ).
Around the age of 13 I had formed my first punk band, with a couple neighborhood friends and my cousin Mike Clements, after that didn’t work out Mike and I continued to just practice until he passed in the summer of 2012, during this time I was in a ‘Stoner Metal’ Band Named ” CLEARL ” with D.J Nealon (Vocals), Mike Mcgovern (Guitar), Jackson Landry (Guitar), and Jonah Landry (Drums).
I Played Bass and in this band is when I had first started using the lyrics i had been writing since i was like 10. When that band eventually broke up, DJ & Mike were making rap songs on DJ’s dads computer, they were more jokes than anything but we had fun listening to our selves as “PoonTangClan” Which Later turned into SWAGE ( YPH & DJB ) as Mike, Jonah and Jackson formed other bands.
{Jackson ended up starting a band that’s now doing pretty good around here named ” DINER DRUGS “}
Around 2013, djb and I had a falling out, and i had begin switching up my style little bit experimenting with different sounds getting into bones and raider clan, spooky black, and wicca phase.
I had been shown by a quiet kid down the street named Garnet (Gthraxx) I smoked with (better known as trillphonk on youtube).
us being introverts we got along good, and just listened to music, and he had posted some of my first songs on his channel. i was kicked out and couch surfing not to long after we had got an apartment on bliss street mentioned in quite a few songs we made in our little flop house (trap).
Then we just started booking shows, I had Been originally booked to play the “yung smokey tour” with DJ Smokey & Yung Simmie, @ the Belmont in Montreal Quebec but due to weather neither of the headliners showed.
we still played and it was still a half-decent show, playing with artists like, Mobile Pro, Cboz, WAVY JONES & Night Lovell (this was actually Night Lovell’s First Show)”

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to get into music industry?
” My great uncle and My grampy Holley, i Guess just knowing he had sang in a band. I wanted to be like him.
the whole “Rapping” came a little later when linking up with trillphonk (youtube channel) I like to just consider my self an Artist more than a rapper, my music is really alternative, grungey, but also kind of ( rap / hip hop / trap ) inspired as well.

Twist Online : You have worked with a number of artists. How was your experience, our readers would like to know?

YPH : It’s been a privilege to work with everyone, from OURYUKEN, Lil’LetDownn, ℞HvngbowsaH℞ (Rest in Peace), SNUFFii, XATAN(5150 Krew), sowhatimdead, lilboweep,TRIPPYthaKID, $UICIDEBOY$, Lil PEEP & way more. R.I.P, Adam Bowser (℞HvngbowsaH℞) & Gus Ahr (Lil Peep)
also some of the amazing Promoters & Producers ive worked with like TRILLPHONK & SHROOMHEAD (R.I.P NICK)
Really Feel Blessed to Have some of my first songs Produced by : (LEDRRICK , YUNGJZA (JZA actually sampled a song of my grandfathers for me which was amazing),
It’s amazing to see how far some of my friends have made it proud of all of them, crazy to see how far some of my friends have made it,
and how some people I’ve talked to so much have made such impacts on the music world that consumes my life.

Twist Online : Tell us about your recent releases ?
My newest song & video released for ” Fallin’ Off “
{ Stream: https://soundcloud.com/swageyph/falling-off }
{ Video: youtu.be/Az9NnF4o83g }

yph slump – ” LOVE ME LiKE i’M DEAD ” VIDEO /////



also I’ve released three features recently:

yph slump – ” SUFFER THROUGH ” [ w/FLIX ]

& my Last Ep I dropped was entitled “Hopeful Romantic Dies Young”

Twist Online : What kind of response you have received from these releases?
I really can’t complain, the past 6 months have been amazing for growth in my fan base.
and My fans from years ago have been vary loyal to me, and i love them for that.
I’ve dropped off in the past and stopped posting for two years.
i guess i just decided I should get lost in depression and substance abuse.
I once got a message from a fan stating every time I stop posting for a bit he thinks i overdosed, or something, as of lately I’ve been trying to use social media more often i made a new Instagram not long ago, and I’ve just started to try to branch out to other sites like Spotify, and Apple Music (Along with working on the depressmobb website) All Coming Soon
sifting through my 300 songs seeing which ones I’m going to remaster or use for anything. For depress.FM which will be a radio show we are starting when the website drops.

Twist Online : You started DEPRESSMOBB by yourself, How is it running your own business?

” Actually, it was formed after i met Adam Bowser Through a mutual friend joe. Adam Passed away in 2018, Adam and I had been working on a project at the time and the name was something we thought up to put on the cover.
Now I made it a label and got it copy write and it’s just my way of remembering and paying homage to Adam and his love for music.
Running it isn’t always fun its a lot of work keeping up with everything and trying to get everything together, but we’ve been working close with 5150 Krew Clothing. [[so shout out Vince (xatan) for all his help.]] “

Twist Online : Anything new coming up with your collective? ” DEPRESSMOBB “

few things on the go! looking for one more artist (mobbtie).
working on the website getting it ready to drop at the end of this summer, Merch should be ready to go by the launch.
Tour Dates to be updated After Covid-19 is under control.
We’ve Added a few more Visual Artists to the roster!
designing ideas for the stickers,patches, hats, shirts & sweater logos.
TravTronInk Is Gearing up to start tattooing again.
SNUFFii is working on his first solo release.
I’m getting ready to drop ” LOVER,LONER,LOSER. “

we’re also shooting videos almost daily Expect a lot of content in the near future!

Twist Online : What attracts you more, Working in studios or performing on stage?
I like recording by myself in a basement with a microphone, a bottle, drugs & my depression….
Haha, nah performing is fun for the right crowd and working in studios can be fun with the right producer, I’d much rather just work with my friends now.

Twist Online : What’s the best part of being a singer/songwriter/rapper?
My father knowing everything about me, without even raising me.
being able to i guess clear my mind, express myself how i want to express myself & excessive partying.

Twist Online : I’ve noticed a number of your song are “Lo-Fi”. why is that?
A lot of my songs are just bipolar episodes i’d say so most of the time I just get it out when i can.

Twist Online : Are you working on any new project?
Three of them actually, my solo album ” LOVER,LONER,LOSER ”
mixtape with SNUFFii & A mixtape with Xatan (BOTH TO BE ANNOUNCED END OF AUGUST)

Twist Online : What’s the best way to follow you online, stream, download or buy your merch?


FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/yphswage
YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com/channel/UCskynvDsC6yneg0zr7KLZGQ
SOUNDCLOUD: www.soundcloud.com/swageyph
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/depressmobb/

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