Sidney Acoustic Album

Zorila band on the release of Sidney Acoustic EP

Zorila band is releasing an acoustic version of their album Sidney. The band is managed by Electric Train Records

Twist Online: First of all tell us about the start of your music career.
Zorila was formed in Champaign IL by brothers Stewart and Henry Arp, Nate Finn, and Anthony Hish. We began our music career as a band by playing sweaty house shows and empty bars throughout the Central Illinois area. After a lot of hard work and sleepless nights, we were able to crack our way into the Chicago music scene. In August of 2019, we signed a deal with Electric Train Records, relocated to Chicago, and released our debut album “Sidney”.

Twist Online: Who or what inspired you to launch your band ‘Zorila‘?
We were inspired by each other to start Zorila. We had been playing together as a band for our lead vocalist’s solo project for a few months. We started Zorila after writing original music together. When we were tasked with coming up with a band name, we locked ourselves in our studio in Sidney, IL, and Zorila was the last name standing.

Twist Online: Our readers would like to know about your band members and their roles in the band?
Stewart Arp – lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Henry Arp – vocals and bass, Nate Finn – lead guitar, Anthony Hish – Drums/Percussion, David DeAngelis – keys/violin. Stew and Henry do the bulk of the songwriting, but all members collaborate on the final product. Matt Wheeler is our producer, and he also collaborates during the creative recording process.

Twist Online: You are releasing an acoustic version of your album. Tell us more about that?
Most of the songs on Sidney were written on an acoustic guitar, so it was a great experience recording them in their original “stripped down” form. We also wanted to show our versatility as artists, and explore the musicality of the songs.

Twist Online: What kind of response you have received from the release?
Since the Sidney Acoustic EP has not dropped yet, we are not sure what the response will be. However, we received a great response from the release of our debut album “Sidney” in October of 2019. We currently have over 11,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, and the album has been streamed over 27,000 times!

Twist Online: What attracts you more, Working in studios or performing on stage?
We started out as a live band, and we write all of our music to be performed live. We don’t use any live backing tracks or pre-recorded samples, and we love the adrenaline of it all. Engaging our audience and making a memorable experience has always been our number one priority!

Twist Online: Have you set any goals to achieve?
We really want to go on tour. We had one planned for April, but due to the global COVID19 pandemic, we had to cancel.

Twist Online: Are you working on any new project?
We are always writing and working on new music! We are using this time, to write and record our new material (over 20+ songs).

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