Interview with an upcoming music artist “Justice”

Today on our Hot Seat we have an upcoming artist from UK “Justice”. Justice is a talented lyricist, songwriter, rap artist currently new to the rap scene with this genre of music. Lets have a chat with him.

Twist Online: First tell us briefly about the start of your music career?

Justice : I guess it all began in 2003 when I as a main influencer with friends created an amateur rap cd.

Twist Online: Tell us about your single you will be releasing next week?

Justice : The single entitled ‘I Tried‘ featuring Jeremy Nicolls will be released next week by MercifulRecords UK (17-7-2016). ‘I Tried’ is the third track from my upcoming EP ‘In Lyrics’ out later this year.

Twist Online: How was the response to your first EP “My Life”?

Justice : Well the first response was my fans wanting to know the rest of the story as many fans are eager to hear how the story concludes in the upcoming EP. But the thing is I don’t know myself how it concludes as its been written as events go on in real time. Fans have gave two songs in particular a lot of interest over others on the EP and they were ‘No Other Way’ which was my debut single & ‘Where I’m From’ which was a track with my first feature.

Twist Online: Are you inspired by somebody in the music industry?

Justice : I have many artists I like within the music industry, however I feel I have my own unique style as my songs are based on my own real life factual events.

Twist Online: What’s your music genre? Any particular reason?

Justice : My own style music genre is storytelling, poetic rap. The reason behind this is due to my own person life events some of which are negative as well as positive.

Twist Online: Do you write your own songs?

Justice : Yes, all of my songs have been written solely by myself.

Twist Online: What’s your goal in life you want to achieve next?

Justice : Justice… to make all the wrongs right

Twist Online: Any new projects you are working on? When will it be released?

Justice : I am finalising a track called ‘Swallow My Pride’ (due to be released before September) which features Akeem Williams who will be another artist appearing on my upcoming EP as well as several other tracks scheduled for this year.

Twist Online: Are you on social media? Your fans would love to follow you.

Justice : Yes I have a Twitter @iamjusticeuk and I have a website which is iamjustice.net . This is where you can subscribe for updates and view more about me and see my discography.

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