A Conversation With Multi-talented TBF Distro

We are sharing our recent interview with Producer/Engineer/Artist TBF Distro from Myrtle Beach SC.

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to get into music industry?
TBF Distro :
Ever since I was a little guy I’ve loved music. As I grew songwriting came to me naturally and as I got older other skill sets related to music would follow.

Twist Online : Tell us about your recent release?
TBF Distro :
309 Maple St actually started out as a school project for my Songwriting and Development course at LA Film/Recording School. We needed to pick a Power Title and then write a song pertaining to the title. Each week we focused on a section of the song, first the hook, then the verses, added a bridge, and completed it with a final mix. I was excited about it during the whole process and really had fun with it. When I turned it in I received the highest grade in my class with a 98 and decided to drop it on all major platforms.

Twist Online : Please explain your creative process?
TBF Distro :
I am usually hit with a musical premonition that sparks the process. Something will come to me and I head into the studio. I’ll start by deciding my tempo and pumping out a hi hat line or a melody of some sort. After adding a few elements to the beat, the hooks lyric melody will come to me then I begin writing the hook and verses. If a bridge is in order, I’ll play around with a few ideas until I decide on a final product. I then mix it all down and render it into an MP3 file for distribution

Twist Online : What ís an average day like for you?
TBF Distro :
I go to the bar and run the kitchen 11:30-7 Wed-Sun. When I get home I cook, knock out my school work and head to The House of Platinum (my studio) and either work on music or just kick back, watch Netflix or play a game. I slip in time with my kids as well. On my day off I spend half the time with the family and the other half in the studio.

Twist Online : Do you collaborate with others? What is that process?
TBF Distro :
I have collaborations with other artists available on minor platforms but none on major platforms as of now. Most time we will use my studio or meet up at Glow Street Studios a couple blocks from my house. Its possible to go down anywhere though being I’m an engineer as well as artist/producer.

Twist Online : Please discuss how you interact with and respond to fans?
TBF Distro :
I am always responsive to my fans. I TBF Distro any messages and even gift the most loyal with free merch. I provided a website as well that provides easy access to everything TBF Distro and Trapitalist Brand Family related.

Twist Online : You also have a clothing line titled Trapitalist Brand Clothing, what kind of products are you offering?
TBF Distro :
I started off with hats and T shirts but these days we have everything from T’s to hoodies to leggings, in various colors, cuts, and sizes and even other everyday items like insulated coffee mugs, mousepads, keychains, and stickers.

Twist Online : You also released a book on amazon. What was it about?
TBF Distro :
It is actually a collection of short stories or Mini-Novels about fictional versions of the TBF members, with actual true life situations mixed in to the stories making it half fiction half non-fiction and up to the reader to wonder what is real and what is not. The stories individually focus on an individual characters back story while intersecting with other characters. The settings take place before an apocalyptic nuclear war and after. There is a correct chronological order to read the stories but you’ll have to read them and try to put it in order until I release all the stories and reveal the proper chronological lineage. The characters before the war are referred to as The Trapitalist Brand Family and after as The Wastelanders and Nuka-Gang. I write under the name of Rob Distro and the story collection is also available on Booksie.com. Keywords Rob Distro, Wastelanders Series, and Trapitalist Brand Family Saga.

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